Beachcombing finds

     These are found objects from beach combing on various beaches around the North Kent coast.  I pick up things that are visible or part visible - no turning in the seaweed, sand or rocks. 


     I am also a collector of plastics, balloons and driftwood.  There is too much to pick up on some beaches, but every little helps.  And you never know what you may find?  It has certainly extended my knowledge.  And I thank those people on beach combing social pages that open up exploration.

Ring copy
Food clip
Bank card
Bulb basket
Chinese brick right way
Torch with lens
Three from above copy
Unicorn headband
LIght green kick back on seaweed
White amber in ring box
Found glass
phone number
Mission Belief England Pride
Border Agency tag
Brick S
Minature shells on wood
Large car close up fb
Carleton Fowell Tufnel
Red shard and fork
Bovine Vertibrae
Wood and locks
United States Lines
Three stirrers cocktail
Sea urchin fossil
Black glass punt with glass sickness
Green bottle bottom - Victorian
Gold coloured, possibly German pot
Grey seal, part of jaw
Rust scaffold piece and unidentified
Shell fuse nose and unidentified
Animal foot - looks like a lion
Vulcanite Bottle top
Victorian ginger beer bottle
Possible German hard cast porcelain
Minature possible chinese monk.
Chair and trolley Herne Bay harbour
Turquoise storm
Collection fibreglass beachcombed
Horse tooth
Mission Belief England Pride
Cup,lighter leg
Danger Private
UK Border Agency tag
Halfpenny 1933
Fish bubble
Horse chestnut
Leeds Brick
Crab claws, rust and real
Coral Social Club card
Blue bottle punt
Shiny pink helium balloon
Gold helium balloon
Character helium balloon
Buoy and holed rust
Coconut face
Heavy metal find cropped
Person standing on rock
Reculver finds red ball
Two random things
Balloon ribbon collected in15 mins
10 boat on sea
Black bit stone close up
Bird keel