Merike Sein Artist | Beachcomber | Animal Artist | Driftwood Sculpture | Herne Bay UK |

Creating artwork and sculpture from beachcomber finds, mixed media paintings and animal portraits.


- the watcher, looker, reader, beachcomber, scavenger of free things, painter, sculptor - bringing wood forms to life and animal watercolours. 

     I was always encouraged from a very young age to watch and look; mum used to watch more than speak, elbow on knee, and chin resting in hand. I find myself adopting the same pose.  And looking. Somehow, all the looking information stays with you I think; then at the right moment some of it clicks together to start a journey to create something.  


     There are some rules you can learn, but it is what is inside you that makes the rules work, or sometimes not, and knowing the difference.  

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